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Porn HD Videos By Pro Amateur Ethical Producer

Exclusive Porn4Net Pro Amateur Porn Talent

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Completely ethical porn production with the emphasis on real people and their sexualities.

Porn4Net Videos Shot LIVE In Oasis AquaLounge, Club M4 and more Toronto Clubs

Most of the video shoots were in Toronto Clubs with most for at an event I hosted such as at the exquisite Oasis AquaLounge with a monthly event started called Amateur Porn Night, which is now called Money Shot. I also hosted events at Club M4 called Bi Fetish Amateur Porn Party, and attened Femdom events at Jay Jays Inn which is no longer in business.

Pro Amateur means professional production for real people, most who've never shot porn before, true amateurs.

Porn4Net Presents BDSM Dom Master Tom

Master Tom

Master Tom Make Scarlet Riot Squirt With BDSM At Oasis AquaLounge
Master Tom invites Scarlet Riot to play at Toronto's upscale sex club Oasis AquaLounge, making her squirt so many times in front of an audience.
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Incredible Intimacy Through BDSM

This beautiful and highly erotic scene was shot in the Oasis AquaLounge Shaggin Wagon Room in front of a small but appreciative audience for an event was hosted by Porn4Net called Amateur Porn Night.

Master Tom The Dom Porn4Net Thumbnail Pic Scarlet Riot Porn4Net Thumbnail Pic

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This was the 3rd Porn Video that Master Tom had ever done, and all with Porn4Net at Oasis AquaLounge. In this scene, Master Tom The Dom totally dominates another brand new talent to Adult Video Scarlet Riot who is a Pro Dom and Switch and is known for being dominant herself with a very impressive reputation in Toronto. In this scene however, Scarlet Riot loses control completely to Master Tom and squirts repeatedly with the loving embrace at the end saying everything.

Master Tom The Asian Dom as he calls himself is a sensitive Dom but can be cruel. Trained in the Martial Arts, he keeps his body in peak physical fitness which shows. He is also very skilled in the art of making women squirt, as he demostrates beautifully on Scarlet Riot many times and easily at times.

Full Length HD Video soon

Porn4Net Presents Portland Squirts For Malcolm Lovejoy At Oasis AquaLounge

Malcolm Lovejoy

Malcolm Lovejoy Masturbates Portland For Audience At Oasis AquaLounge
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Malcolm Lovejoy performing with his guest Portland for Amateur Porn Night at Oasis AquaLounge, where two beautiful black bodies comes together and make sweet passionate hot sexy orgasmic love, in front of a small audience.

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Award Nominated Porn Star Malcolm Lovejoy

When Malcolm Lovejoy shot this scene for Amateur Porn Night at Oasis AquaLounge, he was an aspiring Toronto area Male Porn Star. Since then, he's been nominated for 2 Porn Awards, The Internation Porn Awards and the Feminist Porn Awards. That's quite an accomplishment.

Malcolm Lovejoy Porn4Net Thumbnail Pic

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Portland was the perfect choice for Malcolm's very first Porn Video to star his career. Portland was very excited and quite liberated and simply loved being in front of the camera, which she did comfortably with a mask so to not reveal her true identity. Portland enjoys Malcolm Lovejoy in many ways and finally squirts all over him to show her appreciation, and to the delight of the audience watching the performance.

Malcolm is actively looking for female partners for future porn shoots and can be contacted easily through his very active Twitter account or through his website Malcolm Lovejoy, who is also a male escort.

Full Length HD Video soon

Porn4Net Presents The Lady Deadpool Dirty Warehouse Masturbation

Lady Deadpool

The Lady Deadpool Solo Masturbation on Dirty Warehouse Floor
The Lady Deadpool masturbates herself with her pretty glass dildo multiple times naked on a dirty floor after introducing herself and explaining her tatt oos.

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Young Highly Sexual Libertine Lady Deadpool

This is the very first Porn Video made by Lady Deadpool, and is different from most of Porn4Net material and was shot without an audience, and was shot at The Porn Clu b Toronto. In fact, Lady Deadpool was my very first shoot at The Porn Club Toronto, and she was excited about trying it out privately.

Lady Deadpool has been to many Amateur Porn Nights at Oasis AquaLounge and always promised to do a Porn Video with me, if the right opportunity happened, and when she felt comfortable enough. The fact that she was so candid made her a genuine rarity in porn, thus has made quite a following for herself in the Fetlife community.

The update is Lady Deadpool has removed herself from social media however has not contacted me towards removing this video, making a soon to be classic and one of a kind for this beautiful young woman.

Full Length HD Video soon

Porn4Net Presents Suzy Tsunami Squirting All Over Oasis AquaLounge

Suzy Tsunami

Suzy Tsunami Squirts From Dan Fucking Her In Public At Toronto Sex Club
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Suzy Tsunami is a perfect name for this exhibitionist on Amateur Porn Night at Oasis AquaLounge. The audience was very impressed as you can hear them gasp ing at times.

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Squirting Orgasms In Front Of Oasis AquaLounge Audience

Porn4Net shot this in the black and white room of Toronto Sex Club Oasis AquaLounge and it features squirter Suzy Tsunami earning her name by soaking everything around her, in front of an amazed. It's impressive and Dan knew exactly what to do.

Suzy Tsunami Porn4Net Thumbnail Pic

Porn4Net Talent Twitter Link

Fans of squirting will be impressed at the amount of squirt she can produce, as you can hear the audience gasp when she orgasms. Suzy is an exhibitionist and gets turned on with an audience, so she was a perfect candidate for Amateur Porn Night. I'm hoping one day she'll want to shoot again.

Full Length HD Video soon

Porn4Net Presents T-girl Sophie Cumz BDSM And Sex For Audience At ClubM4

Sophie Cumz

Trans Girl Sophie Cumz Enjoy BDSM Rough Sex And More At Sex Club
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Trans Woman Sophic Cumz gets the abuse and hard fucking that she likes, in front of a large audience enjoying the whole thing.

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Trans BDSM By FemDom With Boyfriend In 3way At Toronto Sex Club

Porn4Net shot this at Club M4 in front of a large impressed audience for Bi-Fetish Amateur Porn Shoot Party. Between the whippings, peggins, spit-roasting, Sophie Cumz did very well in her very first, and possibly only Porn Video.

At first, it's Sophie's Dominatrix Mistress Kim dishing out the punishment for such a whore, but then it turns into a spit roasting with Sophie's boyfriend fucking her mouth, and Kim fucking her ass with a strap-on, ignoring her little penis.

Then it's some rough hard fucking doggie style for Sophie Cumz in which she truly loves as we hear her moans delights throughout. A complete Trans BDSM favourite and soon to be collector's item as she told me this will be her one and only Porn Video for her.

Full Length HD Video soon

Porn4Net Presents Real Life Married Couple Gangbang

Blaze Couple

Real Life Married Swingers The Blaze Couple And Their Sex Club Gangbang
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This real life married couple are completely bi-sexual and actually love to swing and take it as far as they can go. Gangbangs are always welcome and this is Reivanna's Very First Porn, and she waited 10 years to find someone to shoot it.

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Very First Porn Video For Married Couple Who Waited 10 Years

This was shot at Club M4 for an event Porn4Net hosted called Bi-Fetish Amateur Porn Shoot Party and was plenty of fun. This real life married couple, who swing often, had never done such a thing on film yet had waited 10 years to find someone to shoot it. They were completely overjoyed with the response from people seeing the promo video.

Reivanna Wylde Porn4Net Thumbnail Pic

Porn4Net Talent Twitter Link

Afterwards, you could tell by the smiles on both Jon And Alicia that they were so happy and proud of their first porn experience. It certainly is a crowd favourite for it's raw sexuality as well it's commitment to the love the married couple obviously share for each other.

Full Length HD Video soon

Bi Sexual Married Couple Suck Off Competition At Club M4

Married Bi-Sexual Swingers Cock Sucking Competition At Toronto Sex Club
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This is Jon and Reivanna enjoying a friendly challenge of who is the better cock sucker, him or her?. Real life bi-sexual swingers enjoy fun in front of a small audience at Club M4 in Etobicoke.

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I shot this at Club M4 Bi-Fetish Amateur Porn Shoot and it was Jon's idea of a suck-off competition. He's openly bi-sexual and claims to suck great cock so that was the challenge, Jon against Alicia, Husband Vs. Wife in Cock Sucking.

Reivanna Wylde Porn4Net Thumbnail Pic

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Full Length HD Video soon

Porn4Net Presents Minnie St Clair And Anton At Oasis AquaLounge

Minnie St. Clair

Minnie St Slaire Sucks Anton's Big Cock Then Fucks Till She Squirts
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Minnie St Claire is the more experienced bringing in new talent Anton for his Very First Porn, and impressively with his large hard cock looking and performing very well in front of a camera and audience.

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Live Interracial Porn With Minnie St. Claire At Oasis AquaLounge

Minnie St Claire is an experienced Cam Model and aspiring Porn Talent with a few years of experience. Minnie was a fairly regular attendee at the Amateur Porn Night at Oasis AquaLounge until she found Anton who was a willing and very qualified partner for porn, and this was his first time on camera.

Minnie St Claire Thumbnail Pic

Porn4Net Talent Twitter Link

Minnie St. Claire challenges Anton at the beginning of the scene and he definitely rises to the task of performing in front of an audience and on camera for the first time.

Anton's confidence as a lover shines in this video with Minnie showing off her experience in sucking cock, Anton fucks her impressively as her reward until she can take it no more and masturbates to a squirting finish.

I shot this at Oasis AquaLounge as part of Amateur Porn Night event, and in front of an audience. This was Anton's very first porn shoot but was impressive with his large and very hard cock, with Minnie experienced enough to handle it in front of an adoring audience.

Full Length HD Video soon

Porn4Net Presents Mistress Remy X And Sub Jenna Squirting After Hours

Remy X

Mistress Remy X Jemma And Friend At After Hour Lesbian Fucking And Squriting Party
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Mistress Remy X and another Dominatrix enjoy playing with Jenna, fucking her with a large dildo and making her squirt all over the place for the small but very drunk 3am audience to enjoy.

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6' Tall Dominatrix Mistress Remy X And Mistress Friend After Hours With Sub Jemma Squirting

Mistress Remy X stands 6' without her heels, her presence is undeniable in any room and she generally gets what she wants, especially when it comes to her submissives, and she has many. Jenna is Mistress Remy X's favourite sub, and for many great reasons including she blonde, bright and sassy, but more for the fact that when aroused, Jemma can squirt impressively and sometimes on command. This makes for very exciting and sexy good times, even at around 3am in the morning, after a Femdom fetish party that happened in the dance club downstairs. This groupd of horny lesbians and one sissy had plenty of sexy bdsm fun with plenty of squirty good wetness as well. You can hear the small crowd cheering her on, and because Jenna loves an audience, it excites her to squirt even more.

This was shot above a dance club that hosted a Femdom Event, with the attendees enjoying this private show after-hours at Jay Jays Inn, in Etobicoke, which has since closed. It was a nightclub underneath, with a gathering for a Femdom Event including Mistresses beating submissives, tieing demostations and whipping and body wrapping sessions. Very fun event.

Ful Length HD Video soon

Porn4Net Presents Mistress Remy X and Jenna Live Porn Shoot At Bliss Gentlemans Club

Mistress Remy X And Young Blonde Sub Jenna Perform Squirting Live Porn Shoot In Toronto Strip Bar
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Mistress Remy X agreed to bring her sub Jenna for a Live Porn Shoot at a Strip Bar and as soon as it Jemma started squirting, they loved it.

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Never Before Live Porn Shoot At Toronto Strip Bar

Porn4Net produced a Live Porn Shoot Event at a Strip Bar in North Toronto called Bliss Gentlemens Club This had never been done before but the owner allowed me to take over a Monday night and offering a live porn shoot as the entertainment that night, an alternative to stripping. It was a success.

Everyone there was blown away when 6' Tall Mistress Remy X took the stage with her adorable little sub Jenna and proceeded to make Jemma squirt all over the entire stage. But Mistress Remy X was not done yet.

Mistress Remy X further impressed everyone in attendance when they took their naked bodies to the VIP lounge Area, where Remy proceeded to make her sub Jenna projectile squirted almost 12 feet in a perfect arc in front of their eyes, and of course caught beautifully on camera.

Misress Remy X and Jemma have removed themselves from social media.

Full Length HD Video soon

Porn4Net Presents Sportyz Real Lesbian Fun Adventure

Sportyz Real Lesbian Fun

Sportyz Real Lesbian Fun Adventure 1 (Sportyz1) Live!
Sportyz Real Lesbian Fun Adventure 1 in front of an audience and Sportyz Very First Porn Video starting her caree, and easily shows how she can make all t he women orgasm and squirt.

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Real Lesbians Represented For Everyone's Enjoyment

This is live event that Porn4Net produced with Sporty, who happens to be a real lesbian, and this is her fun adventure on camera for the world to enjoy.

Sporty N Charge Porn4Net Thumbnail Pic
Porn4Net Talent Twitter Link

Sporty is very dominant with women, who willingly submit to Sporty and her massive strap-on dildo. They call Sporty daddy and wantto please her, so Sporty pleases them back, to terrific orgasms, terrific squirting and then-some. Sportyz command of women is impressive to watch even if you're not into lesbian porn. And this is strictly lesbian porn, no men.

Full Length HD Video soon

Sportz 3 Live At Jeanie's In Missisauga In Front Of Large Audience

Sportyz Real Lesbian Fun Adventure 3 Live At Jeanie's
Sportyz 3 hosted at Jeanie's in Mississauga in front of a larger audience who witnessed Sporty take on 4 women and introduce a new one, first time in a Po rn and first real lesbian experience all caught beautifully.

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Sportyz 3 With 4 Women At Sex Club Jeanie's In Missisauga

Sporty has her way with 4 woman and introducing a young newbie as well, giving her some extra attention making her gush on camera while screaming out loud. Watch amazing squirting action, screaming orgasms, and gushing pussy orgasm up close. Plus, what Sporty called the pretzel where she fucks 4 women at the same time.

Sporty N Charge Porn4Net Thumbnail Pic
Porn4Net Talent Twitter Link

Sporty takes command of all 4 women equally with some light strapping and BDSM play before personally servicing each and every lesbian individually. Although it is Lesbian Porn, seeing women being pleased with a massive strap on is highly erotic for everyone, and there's no faking orgasms here, these women gush and squirt impressively, and all caught on film.

Ful Length HD Video soon

Porn4Net Proposes: Canada's Next Porn Star Event

Canada's Next Porn Star

Porn4Net Logo

I've conceived an event that is also bigger and better for Canada's Porn Industry than anything before. It will feature the Best Canadian Porn Talent and showcase the World's Best Porn Stars as well. As well as being a live event that you can attend, there wil be SO much more.

Currently, there is little to no support for our Canadian Porn Talent, and I believe Canada has some very sexy Porn Stars.

Canada's Next Porn Star is not one single event, but rather an on-going series of events that can occur as often as the audience dictates. Since I shoot all sexualities, there can be many genres of events. The events happen quite often building to a Semi-Annual or Quartly winner and title holder. Different categories within the genres dictates that ANYONE over the age of 18 would/should be our demographic. Imagine broadcasting to the world and it gets very interesting quickly.

To visit the website, click on Canada's Next Porn Star or click on the image below.

Canada's Next Porn Star promotion pic
Canada's Next Porn Star Promo Featuring Upcoming Canadian Porn Star Skylar Xtreme, Produced By

Somthing Porn4Net is working towards for 2017

International Porn Stars Porn4Net Has Produced

Pornstar Talent

Porn4Net and Porno Mike have produced some very established Porn Talent.

Porn Star Amy Anderssen Porn4Net Thumbnail Pic Fetish Latex Model Ariane St Amour Porn4Net Thumbnail Pic Adult Model Bella French Porn4Net Thumbnail Pic UK Porn Star DD Ventura Porn4Net Thumbnail Pic Porn Star Voodoo Porn4Net Thumbnail Pic Canadian Porn Star Jemma Valentine Porn4Net Thumbnail Pic Canadian Porn Star Skylar Xtreme Porn4Net Thumbnail Pic Canadian Porn Star Bishop Delonte Porn4Net Thumbnail Pic
Porn Talent Porn4Net Has Produced And Their Twitter Page

Hi everyone, Porno Mike here writing to you personally as your webmaster. I built and host this website to provide exclusive high quality unique Canadian Porn. Porn4Net contact and follow information is always to the right of the page. Check out my profiles, I'm an open-minded very ambitious and fearless porn producer, and it shows in my profiles, especially Tumblr, I like Tumblr.

Exclusive Pro And Pro Amateur Porn Content

To know more about Porno Mike

Dedicated to producing quality entertainment and bringing something truly unique to Toronto in 2017.

Events Porn4Net Has Been Involved In Or Hosted

Past Events

A few examples of events I've been involved in. The Amy Anderssen event was inspired by me. I shot two incredible scenes that night. The Amateur Porn Night was a monthly event the last Tuesday of every month at Oasis AquaLounge with that event now called Money Shot.

Amy Anderssen's Porn Star Tryouts Event Poster Produced By Amateur Porn Night at Oasis AquaLounge hosted by Porno Mike and

There are a variety of events not here and will update this when I find the promotional material.